Gobblers Roost Restaurant
Gobblers Roost Sweet Vinargrette Salad Dressing
            Gobblers Roost Meat Glaze

         Available for purchase at the restaurant.
                       $11.00 per bottle
              Refill/Exchange $8.00 per bottle
Gobblers Roost Restaurant & 3 Cedars Event Center

"Beef it's whats for dinner!"


June Menu
Thrusday, Friday & Saturday Evenings
Reservations Required

#1 K.C Strip                                                               $52.95
#2 Beef Filet                                                              $56.95
#3 Shrimp Platter, Scampi & Battered & Fried       $50.95
#4 Smoked Jumbo Pork Chop                                $51.95


Mountain Oysters
Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Tossed Salad & Spring Greens
Twice Baked Potato
Cob Corn
German Chocolate Cake

    Call or Text for                  reservations 
Cabin for Nightly Rentals, $125
Downstairs View in the Cabin

View of Cabin Kitchen
       Urgent Notice

           Govenor Parson
            has released restaurants to
                    again offer dine in.
       We are limited to the number of
      guests that can be in the dining
     room at any one time, based on a
    square footage formula.      For us
                          that  is 15.

     We are taking reservations now.

     Stay healthy & out of harms way.                 Hope to see you soon.
                    Kent & Kathy