Gobblers Roost Restaurant
Gobblers Roost Sweet Vinargrette Salad Dressing
            Gobblers Roost Meat Glaze

         Available for purchase at the restaurant.
                       $11.00 per bottle
              Refill/Exchange $8.00 per bottle
Gobblers Roost Restaurant & 3 Cedars Event Center

"Beef it's whats for dinner!"


January Menu
Friday & Saturday Evenings
Reservations Required

#1 K.C Strip                   $46.95
#2 Beef Filet                  $49.95
#3 Lamb Chops             $47.95
#4 Lobster Tail              $49.95


Sugar Babies
Potato Chowder
Tossed Greens
Hot Baked Bread
Garlic Smashed Spuds
Green Beans

Taking reservations for
Holiday Parties

              email us for reservations
            or call or text  417-448-4853

          Valentine's Celebration

                Taking reservations for Fri the 8th & Sat   9th                                  Thursday, February 14th
              Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th

                             February Menu - Plus

                              Roses for the Ladies
                     & a champagne finish with dessert

February Menu

K.C Strip
Beef Filet
Cast Iron Skillet seared Pork Tenderloin
        with Blackberry
Split Stuffed Chicken Breast

Hot crab dip
Tomato Tortelinni Soup
Tossed Romaine & Spring Greens
Sweet n Sour Carrot Sprout Medley
Garlic Smashed Yukon Gold Spuds
Molten Chocolate Lava Cake